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Péguet Maillons Rapides
Maillon rapide

Péguet Maillons Rapides

About us

Originally, looking for a solution in traction chain repairing in agriculture. The useful connection was born over 80 years ago. Since then, the Péguet family is at the core of the manufacture of the famous Maillon Rapide® quick links. A simple & permanent connection dealing with various applications meeting market requirements.

Péguet provides a wide range of shape, dimension, material having in common the need of simple, reliable, and durable connection, all benefiting from the manufacturer's experience.

The marking of the working load limit (WLL), based on a safety factor of 5, accounts for any Maillon Rapide quick links used as a permanent connector.

A specific product range is dedicated to the use of PPE rated products (personal protective equipment), according to European standards EN 362 & EN 12275.

Quality control is carried on the manufacture, including the issue of certificates of conformity for the whole product range.

100% Made in France , Péguet is your exclusive partner. Let's have a look at the product applications & technical product charts for detailed information.

Your satisfaction is our reward.